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At Grey Fern Herbal we have a holistic approach to healing that transcends physical medicine. We believe in the power of the earth to heal our body, mind, and soul through it's plants and energies. We believe that every being on this earth has the ability to heal itself and our goal is to unlock the healing potential within through herbalism, ritual, and other spiritual practices. We offer a variety of classes, energy work sessions, herbal remedies, and ritual tools to help you find the best way for you to approach your healing. 

You have the innate ability to heal yourself, we are simply makers and guides to lead you to your place of healing. 

Meet the maker and owner 

I started Grey Fern Herbal as a passion project in exploring physical and energetic benefits of flower essences and herbal remedies. This led  me on an inner journey in discovering the inner aspects of myself and how I could heal my own trauma and the trauma of others through more than just natural remedies. The subtle healing of flower essence therapy illuminated the power of ritual healing. Through this journey Grey Fern evolved and took on the many forms of healing I found beneficial and could share with others to assist them on their journey as well. 

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