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What is an Certification in herbal medicine?

While there is no such thing as a true degree, or technical licensing for herbalists in the United States, we do have the AHG, the American Herbalist Guild, who sets standards for herbalists, and accredits schools that align with their values and educate the craft to the degree they see fit for professional herbalists to do the job of clinical herbalism. These courses typically comprise of 200+ hours of course work, with a broad scope of education that encompasses growing herbs, crafting remedies, getting proper licensure, starting an herbal business, and learning the ins and outs of clinical herbalism. The AHG has lists of accredited schools on their website if you are interested in a more in depth education focused towards starting your own herbal business. 

The At Home Apothecary however, is not that, and we don't want it to be! While we of course practice and teach the necessary safety standards, and follow guidelines in ethics laid out by the AHG, we want to be a space for at home herbalists. A space where homesteaders, gardeners, stay at home parents, budding herbalists, and all alike can learn the craft on their own time, in their own kitchen. And furthermore, get an education tailored to your needs in herbalism. As small scale at home producers making remedies for our friends and families, you don't need the 200+ hours, most of which focus on large batch formulations, herbal licensing state by state, and working in a clinical space. We know you want more an education geared towards what you can do in your own home and garden, and help to get inspired in your making. That's why our main focus is safe education, small batch recipe formulation, and building confidence in your practice. 

Read more about our goals within the course here.

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