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Your Journey Into Herbal Wellness Begins Here!


Are you interested in making your own herbal remedies, but don't know where to start?

The art of herbalism can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning, but I truly believe that forming a relationship with one plant can open a world of possibility. And when you learn the basic techniques of processing plants into medicine, nothing can hold you back!

The At Home Apothecary is my blueprint for budding herbalists. This course draws from a rich tapestry of traditions and practices, including Southern Folk Medicine, Western Herbalism (which integrates Chinese Herbalism, European Herbalism, and modern studies on herbs), Physick Gardening, Cottage Gardens, Permaculture Ideals, and my own decade-long journey of herbal study and practice.


The brand exists to inspire others to create plant-based remedies that promote well-being and healing. My own apothecary, an extension of our home, is where we cultivate seeds, dry herbs, and craft medicine. I hope to demonstrate that creating such a space is achievable, even on a smaller scale. You don’t have to build a full-scale operation to make a significant impact; your at-home apothecary should be tailored to meet your personal needs first.


One of the most profound lessons I learned came before I officially embarked on my professional herbalist journey. When I signed up for 'herb school,' I visited a local apothecary shop to purchase my basic starter kit. The employee there, who later became a cherished and inspiring acquaintance, offered me wisdom that has stayed with me. She said, "No matter how this journey with your education goes" (I was also taking business classes at a local tech school and working on my permaculture certification), "you are already on your way and will never stop learning. In 50 years, you won't remember most of what you learned in school, but you'll hold onto what makes an impact along the way.”


A decade later, I know she was right and will continue to be. Even if I learn everything about the plants I work with (which I won’t), there’s an entire world of herbal knowledge out there, much of which I have yet to explore. That's the beauty of herbalism—you never stop learning. There’s always a new plant, a new remedy, or a new tradition to discover and understand.

I created this course with that mindset: what you learn here is just a drop in the ocean of herbal knowledge, but it’s the perfect place to start. You can take this course and, with no other official training, safely and effectively build and grow your very own at-home apothecary. This apothecary can serve and provide for your friends, family, and community for the rest of your life.

A look inside the course:
-Lessons on 55 different herbs, with printable flash cards of each.

-Flashcards for 42 Essential Oils

-The Herbal Action Calendar

-The Food is Medicine Poster

-Essential Oil Dilution Guide

-Herbal Remedy Shelf Life Guide

You'll learn to make
*Herbal Teas
*Infused Oils

*Flower Essences

And MUCH more!

-You'll learn how to purchase ethically sourced herbs and how to safely research other herbs you'd like to include in your practice. 

-You'll learn how to safely use and craft with Essential Oils

-You'll receive a recommenced resource list where you can easily shop online for everything you may need. This includes herbs, tools, bottles, labels, and an additional reading list. 

-You'll learn how to safely identify and harvest wild herbs in your area, all while ensuring the ecosystem thrives too. 

-Along with the recommend resource list, you'll also receive a list of items that you may want to purchase for your at home apothecary. These items are not required for the course.

-You'll receive over 2 dozen recipes to try at home so you can incorporate herbalism into your daily life.

10% off all purchases from our online store,
 where we sell our handmade herbal remedies, and bulk herbs when in season. 

Herbalism is a lifelong journey. This course is designed to be your springboard, providing the foundational knowledge and skills you need to start your apothecary. From here, the possibilities are endless. Continue to explore, experiment, and expand your understanding of herbal medicine.

Whether you aim to support your personal health, care for your loved ones, or eventually share your creations with a wider audience, this course equips you with the tools and confidence to succeed.

In just a few weeks from now, you could be in your own kitchen with your first of many herbal remedies in hand!


Downloads included in
the course:

Nature's Medicine Syllabus, Quizzes, and Online Course Redemption Cards

Herb Profile Cards

The 55 Herb Profiles we cover in this course are available as a part of the course online, and in a digital download. They are designed to be printed and cut with ease so you can have "flash card" style references. 

Printed Kit- Herb Cards.jpg

Essential Oil Profile Cards

We cover 42 essential Essential oils in this course, and the many great benefits to aromatherapy. Included are 42 "flash card" style cards that can be printed and cut similar to the Herb Profile Cards

Apothecary Toolkit Checklist/ Resource Guides

I pulled some of my favorite essential oil blends, tea blends, and the At Home Apothecary Toolkit guide from the course and made them into easy to reference cards that can be printed and kept alongside your other profile cards. 

Food Is Medicine Poster

A visual aid for identifying the variety of vitamins and minerals in leafy greens and culinary herbs. Designed to make it easy for you to know exactly what nutrients may be missing from your diet.

Herbal Remedy Shelf Stability Chart

Not sure how long a particular remedy should last? This chart offers a general timeline for the shelf stability of your makings, and offers insights of visual cues for when something has expired.

Herbal Action Calendar

The Herbal Action Calendar exists as a learning tool for beginner and intermediate herbalists who need more familiarization with herbal action terms, the language we as professional herbalists and the scientists who study herbs use to describe how they effect our bodies.

Essential Oil Dilution Chart

The Essential Oil Dilution Ratio Chart provides easy access to common ratios used in herbal medicine making. Presented is a .5%, 1%, 2%, 3%, and 5% ratio, with the exact number of drops to use in remedies from 1tsp to 4oz. 

Don't want to download and print the contents of this course? 

Have our At Home Apothecary printed kit sent to you by choosing the "Printed Kit" Plan on our pricing page!

The kit includes:

Course Syllabus and Quizzes

55 Printed and Cut Herb Profile Cards

42 Essential Essential Oil Profile Cards

Apothecary Toolkit Cards

Food is Medicine Poster

Shelf Stability Guide

Herbal Action Calendar

Toolkit and Essential Oil Blend Cards

The At Home Apothecary Notebook

Course Redemption Cards

At Home Apothecary Bookmarks and Stickers

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