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What are herbal actions?


Herbal actions, or indicators, act as a classification system for herbs and medications. Some of these terms, like drying and warming, predate modern medicine, while others are more contemporary and coined by our present-day medical system. To keep up with the expanding science and to adapt to the herbal modalities of today, we use the same terms when describing herbs. You may have already seen these words and faced a bit of confusion if you’ve started your studies. I know that for me personally, the multitude of herbal actions that exist was one of the hardest things for me to learn, but learning the terms truly does open us up to another world of herbalism.

The At Home Apothecary’s ‘Herbal Action Calendar’ exists to make the learning process easier. Through a year-long exposure to the action terms, a new one each week, we hope that over time these words become a part of your herbal repertoire. Making it so you can seamlessly transition from studies in folk medicine to backing up the claims with excerpts from modern studies.


A 137 page spiral bound planner style calendar that includes a montly calendar, weekly calendar, and extra pages for remedy formulating and note taking. 

The Herbal Action Calendar

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