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Mercury retrograde can lead to confusion and mishaps when it comes to our mental landscapes and communication. Mercury is all about ideas, reasoning, and how we relate to others. During a retrograde these parts of our lives can feel off as Mercury calls us to reassess and reflect on how we show up in the world and where our ideas are leading us. And this can be messy, especially when we aren’t in alignment with this change and growth. My favorite way to align with energies is through flower essences. In working on a subtle level flower essences can help prepare you for what lies ahead this retrograde season. We created this blend to help you resonate with the energies of this season through fortifying a sense of self and calmness, as well as through being receptive and warm in your communication.


Violet- Delicate, highly perceptive energy. Brings an elevated spiritual experience. Distinguishges shyness and fear when in groups.


Lowrie's Aster- For those whose hard working efforts create the feeling that they are isolated. Useful when progress feels little and difficult. Changes the feeling of pursuing a goal to being drawn toward it.


Calendula- Brings and healing warmth and receptivity, especially in dialogue with others. Keeps us from being argumentative by allowing us to listen and receive messages.


Red Clover- Allows us to be more self aware. Allows us to have a calm and steady presence. Aids in those vulnerable to hysteria and anxiety. Good for those influenced by group thought.


Passion Flower- Dissovles nervous tension. Promotes sleep. Brings spiritual insight into everyday life.

Mercury Retrograde Flower Essence Blend