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A flower essence blend to help us stay grounded in who we are, and to keep us from being influenced by others. 



Echinacea- Helps us to maintain a strong sense of self. Brings back those with a vauge presence. 

Giant Ironweed- Helps us to take charge of our lives when others have ruled it. Aids in not being passive in relationships. For those who lack inner strength.

Goldenrod- Healthy ego strengthening. Brings a strong and secure sense of individuality and allows us to be balanced in a social group. 

Pansy- Helps us to face the world. Strengthens courage. Allows us to share our beauty with the world. 

Red Clover- Allows us to be aware of our own behavior. Allows us to have a calm and steady presence. For those influenced by group thought. 

True To You Flower Essence Blend