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The At Home Apothecary Referral Program

Thank you for your interest in The At Home Apothecary Referral Program! Below you'll find the basics of how our referral program works, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or are interested in joining!

The At Home Apothecary is an at your pace, online herbal workshop open for enrollment at any time. We are currently looking to grow locally, through free education opportunities and in having nearby community members join us online for the course.


Read more about our online workshop here.

A bit about how our referral program works:

We provide your business with promotional materials for our course, (Image to the right show promotional signage with coupon code, Seasons of Wellness booklets, bookmark 'business cards', and a variety of pamphlets on herbal wellness.) you may opt to have just the sign and/or any of the materials you see fit in your space. All of these materials are available to your customers, and we will replenish regularly.

The promotional signage is the only required material you must present in your store to join the referral program. It explains details regarding the course, and offers 10% off to your customers when they use your referral code. (Additional image of required signage below)

This biggest goal of The At Home Apothecary's Referral Program is educating the local community. In your space, and ours.

The At Home Apothecary Referral Sign Profile

When five of your customers sign up for the course online using your referral code, I will contact you to schedule a free workshop. This workshop can be any of our one hour classes that is available as a demo. View our available classes here. You have the option to extend the workshop at no cost to any customers/staff that would like to join, or you may charge a flat rate per person, no higher than what I would typically charge for the equivalent workshop. This allows you to promote your space through a free event, in which I will create a facebook event page for, promote on my social media, and include in the calendar available here and that is sent out in monthly emails; or make a profit from promoting our online workshop. The choice is entirely up to the business, however I do like to know if the business decides to charge so I can bring extra materials and charm for attendees. 

Interested in joining The At Home Apothecary Referral Program? Leave your info below and I will contact you within 24 hours!
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