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All classes must be registered and paid for in advance. Anyone without a ticket the day of class will not be admitted.


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Nature's Medicine; Crafting your At Home Apothecary

Our flagstaff workshop and largest learning platform, available online and in person, its the place to be if you're just starting your herbal wellness journey. Click the links below to learn more about the contents of the course, and course pricing. 

Workshop is 7 hours when taken in person, and includes access to online course.

Other Workshops and Classes:

Our biggest priority will always be safety and informed consumption. The goal of this course is to familiarize you with the avenues of researching herbs, and introduce you to a few herbs and essential oils yo begin your practice. We conclude with a recommended resource list to help you continue your learning and assist in purchasing tools for your practice. 

2.5 Hours 

Getting started in herbalism.jpg
herbal medicine making 101.jpg

Class consists of:
Tincture Making Discussion & Demo
Oxymel Making Discussion
Infused Honey Making Discussion & Demo
Tea Making Discussion & Demo
Syrup Making Discussion & Demo
Infused Oil Discussion & Demo
Oil Blending Discussion & Demo
Herbal Salve Making Discussion & Demo

After the course you will have a basic comprehension of how to make the above remedies, and will leave the course with an herbal syrup and herbal salve made during the demos.

2.5 Hours

Learn the basics of tincture and oxymel making, how to prepare your own tinctures, proper dosage, and shelf life. This course is offered as an instructional demo, or a hand ox experience. The demo is a lecture style demonstration, where as the hands on class results in products class attendees can take home.

1 Hour

tincture and oxymel making.jpg
herbal syrup making.jpg

Learn a simple, traditional method of syrup making alongside a newer, more modern method; and try both! Learn proper dosage shelf life, and the different storage requirements for both syrup methods. While both methods can be used to make syrups with a multitude of herbs, we know elderberry is everyones go to, and discuss when its best to use elderberry, and when its best to use another herb.

1 Hour

Learn the step by step process of salve making, starting with infusing an oil, and ending with your own herbal salve to take home. We discuss salve applications, proper essential oil additions, and the shelf life of your salve based on chosen ingredients.

1 Hour

infused oil and salve making.jpg
oil blends and essential oil use.jpg

Safety is always my primary concern when using essential oils, so this class focuses heavily on proper oil ratios and how to include oils in your remedy making. In the class we craft an oil blend for you to take home, and provide you with a few names of ethical essential oil suppliers for you to purchase from.

Doterra and Young Living will not be discussed or promoted in this workshop, and no course by The At Home Apothecary is sponsored by any brand/organization. 

1 Hour

Learn the variety of ways our ancestors used incense in medicine, ceremony, and everyday wellness, and get hands on in crafting your own incense cones from organic aromatic herbs.

1 Hour

Diy incense.jpg
mocktail mixing and flight tasting.jpg

When to have a mocktail, and when to have a cocktail? Herbal remedies can have different, and more subtle, effects than alcohol, but they can still lend a different state of mind that is very noticeable and more appropriate or preferred  in some situations.  In this class we discuss a variety of herbs and their effects, and try a flight of oxymel infused mocktails mixed in person.

1 Hour

Herbalism can lend a great deal to self care, and we discuss head to toe relaxation and revitalization with herbs. In the class we blend an herbal face wash, face mask, and body oil to be used at home. While crafting our remedies we discuss the benefits of our chosen herbs and the basics of Lymphatic Massage.

1 Hour

at home spa herbalism.jpg
Fire cider making.jpg

Fire Cider has quickly become a go to remedy for at home herbalists, learn the origins of this old remedy, and how to craft your own Fire Cider blend. We also discuss proper dosage and shelf life. 

1 Hour

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