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The At Home Apothecary

The at Home Apothecary is the place to be if you're looking to get started as an at home herbalist. Here you'll learn about a variety of different medicinal herbs and how to make them into remedies of your very own. While this course centers around medicine making, we also discuss best foraging use, and essential oil safety so you can feel confident crafting your own practice. We also provide you with over a dozen easy recipes to help you incorporate a practice into your daily routine and diet. 

While this course is perfect for beginners and those just getting into herbal wellness, completing this course does not result in a certificate and is not enough of an education to begin a career in herbalism. Learn more about herbal certificates here.

Medicine Making Supplies

Overview & Purpose


The goal of this course is to help you feel confident stepping into your own herbal wellness practice with the knowledge you need to make remedies while gaining the ability to self educate so you can continue to learn about other plants in a safe manner. In this course we will discuss 28 different herbs and their uses as food and medicine. We will discuss the different outlets for sourcing these herbs while learning ethical harvesting and safe foraging practices. With these 28 herbs you will learn to make a variety of different herbal remedies, including teas, tinctures, oxymels, balms, and infused oils. With these techniques  applied to any herb you learn about in the future, what you can create is endless. In addition, we will examine proper essential oil use and safety, and discuss 7 popular essential oils to introduce to your apothecary. To finish I will share a variety of recipes that use herbs as foods and walk through why it’s also beneficial to consume remedies in this way. 
This course also includes a list of recommenced tools and readings, with various printouts.  

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