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Farm Grown, All Natural, Herbal Remedies

Everything we make is with your health in mind. Every ingredient is specifically chosen and included in a formulation with the knowledge that it will have an effect on your body- and we want it to be a beneficial one.

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About our Products

Our herbs are grown on our small homestead farm, and processed on site in our atrium style apothecary; equipped with plumbing, space for drying herbs, and mixing remedies.

All of our remedies are made from herbs grown on our farm, with the exception of a few herbs we get from local farms who have excess.
Here you can find a list of all herbs that we purchased in 2024.

We approach healing from a multifaceted standpoint. Often our remedies will utilize infused oils, and essential oils to lend the effects of multiple herbs and avenues of decocting.

We only use organic gardening practices! While we haven't undergone any official licensing for organic growing, you'll never find us using pesticides or artificial fertilizers on anything we grow.

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Natures Medicine:
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